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Tomatoes are not a lot of fun to grow usually because you need a garden, a hoe, and a lot of hard work coupled with some luck. I have tried numerous times to start tomato gardens just to have a dry season and nothing happen. I first heard about topsy turvey about a year ago when I saw an ad for it on tv. Honestly, I didnít think much of it until a friend of mine told me about it. I wasnít too excited about going through all the hassle of ordering something online and having it fail. If you canít tell, I was a little apprehensive about topsy turvey but I must say that the results surprised me a bit.

I bought the topsy turvey and it was delivered within the month. The website was really user friendly and made me feel pretty secure despite the ďsalesyĒ main page. I did have to pay a little more than I had thought for shipping and handling but I guess that kind of stuff is to be expected. Like I said, about a month and it was at my doorstep.

The first thing I noticed was the size. Itís not very big and I was worried that I wouldnít be able to support an entire season of tomato growth in this one little product. I went ahead and ordered another one right away while I got the first one started. I loaded up my topsy turvey supplied seeds and set the whole thing on my back patio. I didnít have high expectations but it worked out pretty well. By the time the second one came in via UPS, I already had a full plant set up in my first tomato grower. I was shocked at how much it could hold. Obviously it grows out from the grower itself, but there are so many tomatoes that can come from such a small group of roots, itís really shocking.

I had talked to some of my friends about it and a lot of them are ordering it or some have just been able to pick it up at the store. I ended up giving the second one away to my son once I received it because he had just moved into an apartment building but still has some old farmboy in him yet. I had already grown a full seasonsí worth and didnít need any more. In fact, I had too much.

Overall, it is a great way to plant a garden and grow your favorite vegetable without actually having to plant a garden. For those of you who havenít thought of it before, it would be a good start for you to give it a shot and youíll see how much money you save. There are so many things we use tomatoes for that people forget about like salsa, tomato paste, salads, or even just by themselves with a little salt and pepper. I have to say I was shocked by how great this thing works and I think you will be too.